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Three types of Agents are involved in the field of Education. 


This Campus is run by the University as a branch. Students of this Campus pay their fees directly into the University's Bank Account while she pays the Management and Lecturers and including the lecture hall. It is possible  to get Degree Certificate after graduation unless students who are unable to pay all their fees. Young Secondary School Leaves may flood this Satellite Campus considering it to be branch of the University or other tertiary institution.


 This Agent is directly appointed by the University as their Affiliate to run a Campus on her behalf.

 The University don't pay the Agent directly but gives  fixed rates so low to enable the Affiliate add his commisiom unto  the fees (based on the prevailing exchange rate in case of foreign University) to be paid by students  on each Degree programme and must run under a  registered business name as an institution. The Affiliate must indicate the business name and also indicate  for example, " Affiliated to University of ................".
Earning a University Degree is quite possible based on the following factors:. Students pay school fees directly into the business name Bank account recognized by the Bank, while the bank pays directly into the University"s Bank account either in  Nigeria or in foreign country of  origin as Direct Affiliate of the University.

 At the same time, if the Direct Affiliate  runs short of cash due to administrative expenditures (involving payment of Lecturers wages and other related cost),  the bank can raise short term loans (known as "Account Receivable Loans") to complete payment of the total sum required on the behalf of the Direct Affiliate and pays the total sum per student directly into the University's Bank Account for graduating students who had already completed all payment for award of Degrees  and then detucting from the Affiliate Commission through fees paid by other students on a gradual basis whenever the need arises because the bank is benefiting from the transaction on short terms loans with interest and through remittance of payment into the University's bank account specially in remittance through foreign exchange to the overseas University being the Payment Processor of the Direct Affiliate. 

So the bank earns foreign exchange through remittance  of payment and   would give any financial support the Affiliate required being the Direct Affiliate of the University through her Account Receivable mechanism to her own advantage. 

The Bank and the Direct Affiliate would agree on how much to deduct from the commission added onto the fees to be paid by the students so that it does not affect the principal amount to be paid into the University bank Account  from the other students..

However,  it is important to note that this financial arrangement is only between the Bank and the Direct Affiliate and not on the behalf of the University whenever such case arises and may not be in every transaction with the bank specially if the students are very  promt in making their payment on the average.

List of Direct Affiliated Campus  are always published on the University's website and remain as Direct Affiliate even for more than Twenty Years by maintaining good relationship with the bank, the Students and the University. Evidently, list of Affiliated Campuses of the European-American are still there on her website  from 2008 till date because there is no complain of students not receiving their degrees after graduation and names of graduates are published on her website for global view to be verified by both tertiary institutions and employers.


 Sub-Affiliate is someone working for Direct Affiliate as Sub-Agent. It is very risky to enroll with Sub-Afffiliate  for Degree programme based on the following factors:-

The Sub-affiliate may not operate on a registered business name but rather would use the name of the University to create the impression that he or she is running the University's Satellite Campus and not as Affiliation in order to attract students to enrolled specially the Young Secondary School Levers, considering as Direct Admission into the main University.
He or she   bergains  with the Direct Affiliate of the University who may only offer  him 50 percent of the school fees paid by students. Out of the 50 percent, he pays Lecturers and  School hall. 

Due to delay in payment of school fees by most students, he latter found himself owning lecturers, the hall used and could not meet up other adminstrative cost required based on the 50 percent assigned to him from the Direct Affiliate.
He could not advise students to pay into the University bank account as a Satalite Campus  since he has no direct dealing  with the University; but rather collect payment in cash and issues receipts to students. He would not let the students be aware that he is working for another Agent as a Sub-affiliate.
 Even though he owns a business account with a bank, cannot give him any financial support based on the fact that he is not a Direct Affiliate of the University but rather as a Sub-affiliate and the bank dont involve in third party deals  because of the risk involve based on the fact that there is too limited cash flow from his business account as most students pays directly to him In cash and not into the  business account. The bank can not give loan to the Direct Affiliate he works with since he has no direct dealing with them if he approached the bank for financial support.

Consequently, after accumulated debts incurred,  he ended up close down the school and relocate with the monies paid by students and cannot receive their degrees after graduation because he is owning the University some huge sum of money to pay to the Direct Affiliate and the students cannot contact the Direct Affiliate because he has not disclose such Affiliate to them since from  the beginning and cannot contact the University who has no direct  business dealings with him.
So it is safer to enroll with Direct University Affiliate using registered business name recognized by the bank  to be collecting school fees and whose name is also published on the University's website as Direct  Affiliate. In case anything goes wrong they can easily verify from the University officials.
On  the other hand, the SUB-AFFILIATES  should only referring prospective students to the Direct Affiliate to be  making payment directly to him through his business bank account and be paying the Sub-Afffiliate some agreed commsions on students introduced who may engage in online learning or take the full responsibility of paying for  the Lecturers wages and other administrative cost of the sub-Afffiliated Campus and he operates as the Campus Manager  and not  to run it on percentage basis as an independent Campus which is very risky.


The University may appoint a Direct Affiliate giving the Exclusive Right covering the entire country and may involve several foreign countries. That means he would be the only Direct Agent to deal with prospective students within the specified country(ies) in the Exclusive Agency Agreement. The University would direct all inquires within those countries to the Direct Agent and  may appoint his Sub-Agent in any country he would work with on commission basis. 

Most Universities appoint Sole Agent with Exclusive Right because it reduses  the work load on them and including advert and other related expenditures in foreign countries.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Credentials Validation

Some institutions are engaged in the  Conversion/Validation of professional Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees through assessment and evaluation of the academic and professional standard and through affiliation with  tertiary institutions such as universities and polytechnics whose credentials are awarded by Private Companies and institutions (eg. Computer Training Centers, Engineering works, Nurse/Mid-Wifery, Security Training,  Skills Acquisition Training  and other Skills acquired  which combined  PRACTICAL and THEORY) without tertiary institution's Affiliation  as the Skilled Workers  are not recognized to be  at the same level with those sat for professional exams and  in the tertiary institutions; but the University's Affiliation makes the difference as the THEORETICALLY ORIENTED AWARD through the distance learning programme as implied in accordance with UNESCO rules (based on Accreditation on Prior Learning and  Experience Awards) without further academic work requirement but rather concur and validate the previous Certificate/Diploma's THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE as Dual/Reciprocal awards, considered as equivalent in accordance with UNESCO rules.

 Based on the fact that  there is no skill without theory including Capentry work which is studied in most Comprehensive Secondary Schools and colleges and the theoretical aspect of the skill could be studied through distance learning programme  as  work book.

Therefore,  any skill you acquired which you put in writing becomes the theory which could be studied through distance learning programme except the practical aspect which produce the theory. So practical and theory are one because the theory is combined with the practical.

Based on this development, if someone who  had  never being to school but produces a product seen to be very useful, but uses his native dialect to explain how he does it; while another person translates  into English  becomes a theory for us to study  in the Colleges and  universities and pass the exam to earn our Diplomas and Degrees with First Class and 2nd Class Honours.

But the question is,  "What  qualification do you award to the illiterate producer who cannot read or write in English before you come to earn your Diplomas and Degrees from his or her own  theory.

This is where UNESCO comes in to endorse  the Accreditation of prior Learning and Experimental awards which is binding on all member nations world-wide as the professional skills of the illiterate individual become his academic equivalence to be awarded either Diploma or Degree without classroom academic work attachment because the practical exams based on trial and errors using his energy, time and money  spent for research in order to produce the product, is far  more rigorous than the academic exams to be written in the classroom which is based on the illitrate producer's theory

 Therefore, becomes academically qualified for a Diploma or Degree award without academic work attachement based on UNESCO'S. rules.

This is based on the fact that most inventions we enjoy such as television, telephone, cars and several others were invented and improved  by individuals in the Advanced countries who cannot read or write and speak good English rather in their own native dialect and writings such as Germany, France, China, Japan, Spain etc. Most of their inventions were not studied in the Classrooms rather through years of individual's research work to produce them and are awarded Diplomas and Degrees based on their practical experience which UNESCO endorsed.

When they put them in writing in their own language and translate them into English it then becomes a theory for us to study  in our  colleges and universities to be awarded Diplomas and Degrees. In most advanced countries, you must study their own language at least for one year in the University during your studies abroad. So is the practical skill that matters and not the English Grammar that belong to the British.

See more details on the European-American University website and UNESCO Google Search Results for Accreditation on Prior Leaning and Experimental Awards.

Wednesday 5 October 2022

The Advantage of Direct University's Affiliation

We have reports from several students who had enrolled in distance learning programme with other tertiary institutions  but could  not get their Degree Certificates after graduation due to the problem associated with Sub-Affiliates as sometimes school fees paid by the students do not get into the hands of the University's officials as the fee  paid was to be transferred from the first Agent to the second agent before it reaches the university's officials; along the line, one of them may fail to transfer payment either to the next agent or to the university's officials  and student cannot communicate with the university officials directly unless through their Agents quite unlike Delcan Distance Learning  Consult and the European-American University's  Direct Affiliation.

Against this background, names of those who had concluded Degree programme are published on the university's website in view of the fact that if a student receives a Degree Certificate from any of her Affiliated Campuses in Nigeria, but his or her name is not published on her website then it  suggests that, the Degree awarded  is  fake  and the fees paid by the student was not received by the European-American University's officials abroad at the conclusion of his or her Degree programme.

This type of report is more synonymous with  Nigerian universities Affilation with indigenous  institutions involving third party Agents because most Nigerians are very eager to earn Nigerian University Degrees and falling prey to third party Agents; therefore,  victims would discourage  others for involvement in distance learning programmes because of their experience. This cause a great setback in distance learning involving degree programme. 

This is based on the fact that, it is very easy to find out the authenticity of the Degree awarded from the Nigerian institutions as students can easily visit their main Campuses for verification of the award; so Agents are afraid to forge Nigerian Degree Certificates in case of payment default  quite unlike in the foreign country  due to distance factor except names of  Graduates of foreign universities are published on their website for references to be verified by Employers and institutions online.

 Based on this development, some students enrolled in Nigerian institutions distance learning programmes do not receive their Degree Certificates in case of payment default by any of  their Coordinators; while foreign university Degree is synonymous with duplicated forgery  due to distance factor unless names of Graduates are published on their website for references which serve as payment evidence for Degree programme and also safeguide against forgery of foreign Degree Certificates.

We do however, grant  exemptions to such students by awarding either Ordinary or  Advanced  Diplomas depending on the years of study involved  if he  or she can produce  verifiable documentry  evidence  as   proof of enrollment  of previous tertiary institution  provided the course involved  is not pure science or any other course that could not  be studied through distance learning programme except at the main Campus; alternatively,  it could be exchanged for any Arts and Management course within the course outline of the previous institution attended.

Students who obtained either  our Advanced Diploma or from any other tertiary institution considered as equivalent, could enrol for Bachelor Degree programme for One year and Six Months.

Those who had WAEC/GCE "O' Level or equivalent, should enrol for Ordinary and Advanced Diploma before proceed to Bachelor Degree as to minimize dropped-out in Degree programme.

Those who had Bachelor Degree from any recognized tertiary institution, should proceed to Master on the same or similar course. But a different course requires our Professional Post Graduate Diploma before proceed to Master Degree enrollment.

The same rule applies to those who dropped out of school with considerable number of years of study.


There is no  Legal  implication regarding Conversion/validation of Certificates at any level; rather it legally conforms to the  "Accreditation of Prior Learning and Previous Experience Awards" as endorsed by UNESCO as detailed on the European-American University website and OXCEL "Legal" website.

Tuesday 4 October 2022



Most people who are not familiar with online engagement cannot distinguish between Yahoo Boys and professional Freelancers. These Freelancers also known as Remote Works are paid by foreign firms either on successful completion of job assignment or  placed on a monthly salary basis.

Some are engaged on part or full-time basis depending on the nature of assignment, while some are working as Commission Agents like us. 

Those who are ignorant of  this type of engagement would regard them as "Yahoo Boys" too  based on the fact that they do not leave their houses in the morning and going to work to return in the evening and do not have office apartment to show up but are living a very comfortable lifestyle that attracks suspicion, jealousy and enviness within their neighborhood who would identify them as  "Yahoo Boys" as online transaction looks very strange to many people like the POS transactions outside the banking hall as an innovation in the banking industry.

Their  job activities are carried out online using their Laptops, Android phones and Desk Top computers depending on the nature of job assignment.

 If interrogated by Security Agents  based on suspicion, they  can reveal the overseas company they are  working for and the online platform they registered to secure the job and other verifiable information regarding their online engagement.

Also, if it is a business entity, they can reveal every verifiable legal documents such as business registration Certificate  and including the foreign firm or institution for verification through the Nigerian Embassy Officials in their country of origin as to ensure a legitimate business engagement.

But that is not the case with the Yahoo Boys who keep their identity secret for fear of being arrested by Security Agents. They operate in different forms  with their computers as well use for scamming; but the most common among them is by indicating huge amount of money as a bait to collect the little you have and from   several others. Sometimes, use Agents who go about collecting money from others with the promise that the millions are coming and very soon you will be rich enough to come  out of poverty and also spread similar messages via SMS, WhatsApp and email.

They do not have specific product or service to offer as that would require official registration requirement from the Government. So they do their best to break every Government protocol as to hide their identity in  carrying out their fraudulent activities.

Sometimes they call you on phone to collect your bank details to empty your bank account pretending to be your bank officer. They use several methods to carry on their fradulent activities under the vail of secrecy quite unlike the online professional Freelancers and as Remote Workers who never hide their identity.

Monday 3 October 2022


Criticism from Dropped-out students is  one  of the  big chailleges we face in the distance learning programme due to inability  to pay school fees.

This is not for the private distance learning institutions alone but including the private Primary and Secondary School as well.

The basic issue regarding ths crictism is the inability to pay school fees and dropped out and then go about scandalizing the name of the school as fake in case of distance learning programme or the teachers are not performing well in case of Priviate Primary and Secondary Schools.

 Such scandal is very rare  by  School dropped-out in Public Government schools like  in the Universities and Polytechnics.

For example,  parent send their child to school "A"  as a  private school and withdraw the  child to school  "B" after failing to pay school fees and then  would go about criticizing  all the teachers in school "A" that they are not performing well and later withdraw from school "B"  to public Government school as could not  afford to pay school fees  with all the debts incurred from school "A" to "B" and including all the  blame poured  on the teachers  for  not performing well but conseal  the debts incurred.

 Classroom Lecturers in distance learning programme has this disadvantage of being scandalized quite unlike home  based students. The  classroom student is seen going out for lecture and when he or she stops attending due to none payment of accumulated school fees start going about scandalizing  the name of the  school as fake to discourage others from enrollment  in order to take away his or her shame but conseal the debts incurred but cannot scandalized public school for example if he or she dropped out from the university due to some financial challenges.

But that is not the case with the home based student who study in the privacy of his or her home. No body ask question about the school since no body see him or her  attending lectures. 

So home based study protects both the image of the school and the student untill graduation and even though he or she dropped out of school due to unavoidable circumstances.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Difference Between Classroom and Online Lecturers

In the advancement of computer/internet technology, Classroom Lecturers are gradually phasing out in the academic fields alongside with the campus based traditional Universities and including other tertiary institutions.

Aside from Engineering, pure science and other technical subjects, any Arts and Management course could be studied online without Classroom attendance.

Most students would like to see the Lecturer in the classroom to ask questions for explaination on the subject matter; but such questions with their answers are already available online. Based on the fact  that other students studying online had asked that same or similar questions and got answers from several websites through Google search results.

Consequently, the online Lecturers are finding it very difficult to set exam questions that are not available with answers online.

This automatically eliminate the use of the classroom Lecturers who could only give  limited answers to questions  while the online students who ask  the same or similar question gets enough answers from several sources through Google search results which enable the students acquire  more knowledge on the subject matter quite unlike the Classroom students.

Classroom students are definitely not allowed to get into the Exam Hall with mobile phones and course material  unlike the online students who study and write their exams in the comfort of their homes without any Lecturer watching over them in order to safeguard against examination malpractices like in the case of the classroom students.

Although,  setting the exam questions very from one  institution to another depending on the individual examination setting format and program involved.

Some use objective questions format online whose answers are giving ranging from letter A -  E  for students to tick the right answers to the questions within a given time frame. In most cases, students only guess and tick answers regardless of whether the answers are right or wrong.

This kind of objective  question and answer do not  necessarily prove the individual's understanding of the subject matter even though he or she ticks  the right answer to the objective question, because Fifty Percent of the correct answers are  based on guess work.

Therefore, the essay writing type of questions and answers is mostly prefered to enable the students write the answers based on the understanding of the subject matter and not based  on guess work.

Based on this development, it  is  a very big  challenge to the online Lecturer to set questions that are  quite related to the subject matter whose answers cannot not be easily Google out from the internet.

The question must be framed from the content of the course material and the students are required to give Essay writing type of answers independently as it relates to courses material's content.

Consequently, most Lecturers without such skills of setting  online essay writing type of questions cannot go online as students could easily Google out answers and send back to him or her for making.

The Lecurer could be good at setting question in Classroom  that would require essay writing  and restrict students from getting into the exam hall with mobile phones and study material based on the fact that some questions could easily be Google out from the internet with enough answers.

  Based on this development, most students studying online do write  essay type of answers that are related to the content of the study material and become more intelligent in expressing their views in public places and at the place of work because of the training they had gone through quite unlike some of their counterparts from the classrooms.

Evidently,  the Director of Delcan Distance Learning Consult is endowed with such skills of setting online exams based on the course material content that could not be easily Google out from the internet like other online  professionals.

Delcan Distance Learning Consult (Division of G. Delcan International Services ) is  a direct  Affiliate of the European-American University with African Regional Headquarters in Uganda East Africa listed among the Affiliated Campus in Nigeria on the University's  website.

We provide Lecture material/handouts and set questions in an essay writing format on any  Subject  depending on the Course involved to enable students provide essay writing type of answers on the subject matter independently without  paraphrasing from course material or cramming and from the internet.

Students are  interested  in writing such exam  by expressing their  individual views on the subject matter  independently and through carring out research which compliment the content of the course material/handout as a professional.

Our Students are prepared to express their views independently and with boldness because of the training they had acquired.

 We award Diplomas under the University's affiliation since 2017. The University awards both academic and Honorary Doctorate Degree. Our Lecture material are offered online and offline. Fees are very competitive. 

We provide list of registered students on our website for reference purposes and to be verified by employers and other organizations.

Instead of creating our own independent website, we use blogger of Google just for security reasons having their own  security gadget to prevent online  hickers.

You can see the European--American University website on the rights hand side of this Blog and tap or click on it that listed her Affiliated Campuses in several countries and Nigeria. Then tap or click on the Menu to read more information of the University's legal status and global recognition.


Business Management and Administration, Marketing, Economics, Education Management, Oil and Gas Petroleum Marketing Management, Project Management, Health Education, Guidance and Counseling, Tourism, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health administration, Religious education, theology and other Arts and Management courses.

We shall give you pages you would read from the course material prior to the exam. We  will show you the mobile APP you would download from Google Apps store and you will be reading all your course material on you mobile phone without buying data. You send your answer scripts  on  exam online such as  SMS, Whatsapp and email for marking.

We show you how to creat folders in your email box to store all your handouts so that you can retrieve them anytime anywhere even though you lost your phone. You have access to read your study material anytime anywhere just as you can read your Bible on your mobile  phone even without data.

If you are interested in any of those courses and program, let me know so that I send you more detail of the fee and course duration.

Contact us today for more details!



Thursday 28 October 2021


Reciprocal Agreement among tertiary institutions had been endorsed by UNESCO  as a means of fostering cooperation among academic  institutions of higher learning around the world. Under the scheme, a student in level 200 can seek for credit transfer to another institution either in the same or foreign country and be admitted at the same level. (You may google out reciprocal Agreement  among tertiary institutions for more details). 

In that case, it would resort to Dual Degree also known as Reciprocal Degree award;  that means,  a Graduate with a university degree from one school could as well be awarded another Degree of the other school on admission either on the same or another course as equivalent based on the  reciprocal agreement between the two institutions. 

Similarly, the European-American University had entered into Validation  Agreement (also known as Reciprocal Agreement) with universities in several Latin American  countries  and around the World including  the United States of America for Dual Degree awards and for the  global recognition of her Degree programme.  (See “Recognition” on her website for more details). In Nigeria, there are also Nigerian universities affiliated to several foreign universities based on Reciprocal Agreement. It makes it easy for student who  had a Bachelor Degree in Nigeria to begin his or her Master Degree programme in a foreign country of the partner institution. (You may google  for the list of foreign affiliated universities in Nigeria). 

Based on this development, students are prepared based on the Curriculum agreed by the two parties prior to the admission overseas. Outside the reciprocal agreement, the Bachelor Degree may  be downgraded to an ordinary Diploma level  overseas  due to academic standard differences between the two countries. 

Consequently, the student would start all over to read and pass his  or her exams in order to be qualified for the Bachelor Degree award of that country’s standard. 


  Three types of Agents are involved in the field of Education.  1) UNIVERSITY'S SATATLIATE CAMPUS This Campus is run by the University ...