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Dominican Government Official Register

The names of all foreign institutions domiciled in Dominica Republic for low rate tax purpose are included in the official Register of the International Companies  and institutions. However only the Dominican Government  official list of indigenous institutions are quite easily accessible in the internet to foreign prospective students seeking to gain admission into any of those indigenous universities  to study on a full-time basis in order to  promote the indigenous institutions online  and  not including foreign institutions. 

Similarly in Nigeria, both the Federal and State Government do only promote the Made-In-Nigeria Goods and Services  and not the foreign made goods and services we import into the country as it is also applicable in other parts of  the world.  
Based on this development, foreign institutions domiciled in Dominica could be easily verified of individual legal status and availability either through the Nigerian Embassy  in the host country or through the Dominica embassy in Nigeria.

Evidently, the  names of both universities were not included in the official list of those illegal universities compiled by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC)  in 2018 having also verified  their legal status and recognition in the Host county in conformity with UNESCO rules.

External Exam/Study Center

Like most foreign universities and professional organizations  awarding degrees and professional certificates through external examination in collaboration with local institutions or firms,  prospective student can enrolled in any part of Nigeria as we do also collaborate with government approved schools  and colleges closest to student residence with qualified faculty staff to provide  lectures and conduct exams  at various degree levels depending on the course and programme involved on  part-time basis, using our course material. 

Student are free to choose their Exam/Study  Center nearest to their residence  and are given the option of either to read independently at home, office etc. and to write  monthly assessment test but to take semester exams at the Study/Exam Center (like the University of London and other foreign institutions external exams) depending on individual capability or to attend lectures at the Study Center and write  assessment test and exams, while we forward  score sheets and performance to the University to enable them start preparing individual transcript prior to awarding their   degrees immediately after graduation.  

Application Fee Refund Guarantee

We issue  detailed "Legals Status  Reportattached to ‘Notification Letter of Admission”   to both Government and Companies Staff for the University Degree Recognition process  for approval by their respective employers before continuing the registration process  on payment of the Application Fee refundable if employer disapproved. 

Evidently, some government Staff had their “Notification Letter of Admission” approved by their respective employers including teaching Staff of the Ministry of Education enrolled for Bachelor Degree in Education Management and Political Science Student of the Local Government Service Commission Staff.

This become mandatory based on the fact that  most government and companies Staff in charge of employment  are not familiar  with the names of most foreign universities  except the most popular foreign universities of the State and Federal level in most countries .
Consequently, employers would use our detailed "Legal Status Report"  information as a guide to verify and   approve the ‘Notification Letter of Admission”


Based on the Nigerian perspective, It is very necessary to acknowledge the fact that foreign universities graduates from all over the world do visit the office of the NYSC on a regular basis for the NYSC Certificate award request with regards to Bachelor Degree award, while most employers in the government offices and parastatals are not familiar with the names of those foreign universities and legal status.
Consequently, it requires the recommendation of the NYSC officials through the issuance of the NYSC Certificate for a proof that the foreign university is recognized by them after they had   verified its legal status and recognition in the country of origin in collaboration with the respective embassy officials and based on UNESCO rules which the NYSC officials would use as a guide to award her Certificate. 
Based on this development, all the affiliate campuses of the European-American University make it mandatory that all graduates with Bachelor Degree possess the NYSC LETTER OF EXCLUSION available only for part-time graduates after graduation according to NYSC new rules.
   Both universities started awarding degrees to Nigerians since in 2009 and in 2018, the names of both universities were not included in the comprehensive list oF universities and affiliated campuses across the nation awarding illegal degrees to Nigerian graduates as published by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) based on the fact that those listed institutions were awarding degrees to graduates as locally printed out in Nigeria without being licensed and approved by NUC and without the consent of the foreign university they represent. (See list of illegal universities online)
  Names of graduates of both universities are published online on both websites for reference purposes under the heading “Register of Graduates” as all her degrees are printed in the Country of origin and not in Nigeria and in conformity with UNESCO rules.

Nigeria Universities Commission Approval (Nuc)


Based on UNESCO rules, any tertiary institution could be affiliated to any institution in any part of the world without restriction provided the tertiary institution awarding the degree had been licensed and approved by the government in the country of origin irrespective of the curriculum used. Based on the fact that the advanced countries are the topmost beneficiaries of educational export to the rest of the world  in terms of foreign exchange earnings and being the pioneers of  UNESCO. 

  Consequently, in Nigeria, there are no prior approval guidelines (in the case of NUC approval) involving foreign university affiliation with any Nigerian institution or firm based on UNESCO rules and same apply in any advanced country  and all over the world as member nation of UNESCO.  However, each member nation of UNESCO may have rules guiding indigenous university and local institution or firm for affiliation.  Evidently, list of all affiliations with Nigerian universities are published online without involving any foreign institution affiliation (See Nigerian universities  and affiliations full list online)

.    In Nigeria, online study through the internet is not allowed for both foreign and local tertiary institutions due to some logistics problem that may be incurred in the process. However, only very few Nigerian universities are allowed to operate online as published by NUC. Consequently, foreign university graduates from online institutions without Exam/Study Center in Nigeria may not be awarded NYSC Certificate for degree validation after graduation. List of all affiliated campuses are published on individual university websites for reference purposes. (See online degree award in Nigeria by NUC),

Dominican Government Official Register

The names of all foreign institutions domiciled in Dominica Republic for low rate tax purpose are included in the official Register of t...