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How Educational Institutions Can Eradicate Corruption


The Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old will not depart from it" (Prob. 22:6)

The  statement is absolutely correct based on the fact that if the Educational system of any nation is currupted through the child education (from the Nursery, Primary and Secondry school) he or she will grow up as a currupted citizen even up to the University level and the nation is  bound to produce currupted Leaders except very few who grow up in the fear of God because as they say "Charity begins at home'.

In those days, books are  transferred from one child to another as the schools maintained their Curriculum which also includes the associated list of books for studies.

Consequently, twenty years old books published by one Author is still maintained by  the school authority; therefore, making it very possible to transfer from one child to another covering verious academic sessions from Pramiary 0ne  to Six and gain  admission into the secondary School and the next child still use same books and concludes the Primary School and even Secondary School

Now there is a problem; several Authors  have come up with contents which some how contradict  with the former authors on the same subject whose changes also affect the school curriculum.

On the other hand, Academic Authors have come up with  verious titles that are similar to the contents of  the former Authors in the academic fields and want their books to be pertronized by the educational institutions where the big market is. 

To do this,  they formed Association of Authors or Publishers. Upon approval, the list of Authors and book titles are updated preriodically. List of former Authors are to be replaced with new ones as well as the school curriculum making it impssible for a child to continue with sane book titles until he or she finishes the school. Parents have to buy new books also in every academic session depending on the list of books approved by the School Authority.

So it makes it very impossiblle for both purpils and students to use  same books in several academic sessions except  some scientific and technical books whose Authors are scarce that can  last long  covering several years without  a competitor among the Authors.

The Origin of Corruption

In  the quest of publishing so many books in order to earn Commission or Royalty, most books are published for homework exercise. Ironically, the children  in  the Primary Schools are forced to provide answers on the Home Workbook but looks advanced in context. So their parents at home do the assignment for them and later the children present it  to their teachers for marking; while the most intelligent ones will do it themselves without involing their parents.

So cheating in academic works begin at Homework assignment. Consequently, during public exams, some parents hire exam machinaries to write for their children as they did on  the homework assignment.

So the educational foundation of the child is corrupted  even at the University level as most students don't have the confidence to write on their own instead fall back on Lecturers either  with cash or by kind because charity begin at home; while the intelligent ones among them will put in their best independently to come up with good results because that is their foundation right from the Primary School.

Although,  some students can write and speak good English as a language but are very weak in writing exams  because of their foundation. So even if they are employed to work in public office  based on their high level of  qualifications as Graduates,, they will currupt the system because of their foundation from Primary School to the University level through cheating in classroom works  and public exams. So they will cheat at the place of work as a public office. Except some who had repented and have the fear of God.

In my own opinion, Homework assignment should be minimized and be limited to the classroom assignment under the teachers supervision to enable the child perform in his or her own effort without involing their parents at home even if the child cannot do the assignment,  the teacher should give the mark  accordingly because you never can tell what that child will become in future because charity begins at home.

Academic books should be limited based on the merit of individual Authorship for a considerable length of time while giving room for other Authors to have their books store in the school Libraries for a complimentary reading and for research purposes.

Consequently, if the child is trained on how to read and write exam independently in classroom works, will grow up with that habit of reading harder even in the University and will minimized exam malpractices and as well as cheating when occupying public office based on the  fact that  Charity begins  at home.




Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Difference Between Classroom and Online Lecturers

In the advancement of computer/internet technology, Classroom Lecturers are gradually phasing out in the academic fields alongside with the campus based traditional Universities and including other tertiary institutions.

Aside from Engineering, pure science and other technical subjects, any Arts and Management course could be studied online without Classroom attendance.

Most students would like to see the Lecturer in the classroom to ask questions for explaination on the subject matter; but such questions with their answers are already available online. Based on the fact  that other students studying online had asked that same or similar questions and got answers from several websites through Google search results.

Consequently, the online Lecturers are finding it very difficult to set exam questions that are not available with answers online.

This automatically eliminate the use of the classroom Lecturers who could only give  limited answers to questions  while the online students who ask  the same or similar question gets enough answers from several sources through Google search results which enable the students acquire  more knowledge on the subject matter quite unlike the Classroom students.

Classroom students are definitely not allowed to get into the Exam Hall with mobile phones and course material  unlike the online students who study and write their exams in the comfort of their homes without any Lecturer watching over them in order to safeguard against examination malpractices like in the case of the classroom students.

Although,  setting the exam questions very from one  institution to another depending on the individual examination setting format and program involved.

Some use objective questions format online whose answers are giving ranging from letter A -  E  for students to tick the right answers to the questions within a given time frame. In most cases, students only guess and tick answers regardless of whether the answers are right or wrong.

This kind of objective  question and answer do not  necessarily prove the individual's understanding of the subject matter even though he or she ticks  the right answer to the objective question, because Fifty Percent of the correct answers are  based on guess work.

Therefore, the essay writing type of questions and answers is mostly prefered to enable the students write the answers based on the understanding of the subject matter and not based  on guess work.

Based on this development, it  is  a very big  challenge to the online Lecturer to set questions that are  quite related to the subject matter whose answers cannot not be easily Google out from the internet.

The question must be framed from the content of the course material and the students are required to give Essay writing type of answers independently as it relates to courses materia's content.

Consequently, most Lecturers without such skills of setting  online essay writing type of questions cannot go online as students could easily Google out answers and send back to him or her for making.

The Lecurer could be good at setting question in Classroom  that would require essay writing  and restrct students from getting into the exam hall with mobile phones and study material based on the fact that sure questions could easily be Google out from the internet with enough answers.

  Based on this development, most students studying online do write  essay type of answers that are related to the content of the study material and become more intelligent in expressing their views in public places and at the place of work because of the training they had gone through quite unlike some of their counterparts from the classrooms.

Evidently,  the Director of Delcan Distance Learning Consult by name Goodnews Deinma Adophus, an Okrikan indigen of Rivers State of Nigeria, is endowed with such skills of setting online exams based on the course material content that could not be easily Google out from the internet like other online  professionals. He had written several prophetic articles online in the End-Time Messages, the Prophetic News Watch on the coming  Global Events and  several books published and market by Amazon online since 2011

Delcan Distance Learning Consult (Division of G. Delcan International Services ) is  a direct  Affiliate of the European-American University with African Regional Headquarters in Uganda East Africa listed among the Affiliated Campus in Nigeria on the University's  website.

We at Delcan Distance Learning Consult provide Lecture material/handouts and set questions in an essay writing format on any  Subject  depending on the Course involved to enable students provide essay writing type of answers on the subject matter independently without  paraphrasing from course material or cramming and from the internet.

Students are  interested  in writing such exam  by expressing their  individual views on the subject matter  independently and through carring out research which compliment the content of the course material/handout as a professional.

 Evidently, the Director of the school,  got his educational qualifications by involving in  serveral distance learning program which makes him become an author of several books  and as a writer of several prophetic articles as a World Prophet being the Senior Pastor and Founder  of his church, The Rock of Jesus Prophetc Ministry located at Daka's Compound, ATC  Road Okrika Rivers State, Nigeria.

Our Students are prepared to express their views independently and with boldness because of the training they had acquired.

 We award Diplomas under the University's affiliation since 2017. The University awards both academic and Honorary Doctorate Degree. Our Lecture material are offered online and offline. Fees are very competitive. 

We provide list of registered students on our website for reference purposes and to be verified by employers and other organizations.

Instead of creating our own independent website, we use blogger of Google just for security reasons having their own  security garget to prevent online  hickers.

You can see the European--American University website on the rights hand side of this Blog and tap or click on it that listed her Affiliated Campuses in several countries and Nigeria. Then tap or click on the Menu to read more information of the University's legal status and global recognition.


Business Management and Administration, Marketing, Economics, Education Management, Oil and Gas Management, Petroleum Resource Management, Project Management, Health Education, Guidance and Counseling, Tourism, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health administration, Religious education, theology and other Arts and Management courses.

We shall give you pages you would read from the course material prior to the exam. We  will show you the mobile APP you would download from Google Apps store and you will be reading all your course material on you mobile phone without buying data. You send your answer scripts  on  exam online such as  SMS, Whatsapp and email for marking.

We show you how to creat folders in your email box to store all your handouts so that you can retrieve them anytime anywhere even though you lost your phone. You have access to read your study material anytime anywhere just as you can read your Bible on your mobile  phone even without data.

If you are interested in any of those courses and program, let me know so that I send you more detail of the fee and course duration.

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Thursday, 28 October 2021


Reciprocal Agreement among tertiary institutions had been endorsed by UNESCO  as a means of fostering cooperation among academic  institutions of higher learning around the world. Under the scheme, a student in level 200 can seek for credit transfer to another institution either in the same or foreign country and be admitted at the same level. (You may google out reciprocal Agreement  among tertiary institutions for more details). 

In that case, it would resort to Dual Degree also known as Reciprocal Degree award;  that means,  a Graduate with a university degree from one school could as well be awarded another Degree of the other school on admission either on the same or another course as equivalent based on the  reciprocal agreement between the two institutions. 

Similarly, the European-American University had entered into Validation  Agreement (also known as Reciprocal Agreement) with universities in several Latin American  countries  and around the World including  the United States of America for Dual Degree awards and for the  global recognition of her Degree programme.  (See “Recognition” on her website for more details). In Nigeria, there are also Nigerian universities affiliated to several foreign universities based on Reciprocal Agreement. It makes it easy for student who  had a Bachelor Degree in Nigeria to begin his or her Master Degree programme in a foreign country of the partner institution. (You may google  for the list of foreign affiliated universities in Nigeria). 

Based on this development, students are prepared based on the Curriculum agreed by the two parties prior to the admission overseas. Outside the reciprocal agreement, the Bachelor Degree may  be downgraded to an ordinary Diploma level  overseas  due to academic standard differences between the two countries. 

Consequently, the student would start all over to read and pass his  or her exams in order to be qualified for the Bachelor Degree award of that country’s standard. 

Friday, 22 October 2021


Certificates, Diplomas and even Degrees could be awarded to any individual based on the recognition of prior learning and experimental experience as endorsed by UNESCO and approved by  other tertiary institutions globally. 

Such qualification will be recognized both in the government and private sector based on the following factors:

The awarding institution must be approved by the government in the host country through official registration.  

The Director/Proprietor of the institution must be a member of recognized professional body and in some cases as a Corporate Member using the name of the institution and not as an individual depending on the choice of the Director/Proprietor. 

The institution should be affiliated to a recognized University awarding  Degrees as its mentor after assessment of the credibility, qualification, legal status   and professional expertise of the Director/Proprietor.

For the purpose of references, the institution should maintain list of all registered students/graduates on her website.

According to law, the institution can only award both Certificates and Diplomas and not Degrees. 

Type of Certificates and Diplomas is quite distinct from that of the academic qualifications. Consequently, private institution awards, Graduate Diplomas, Professional Postgraduate Diplomas and others as equivalent to that of the academic diplomas award by Universities and other tertiary institutions.   

Most people particularly Africans think that only  Certificate,  Diploma and Degree could be earned  through academic works attached. But that is not true. UNESCO had endorsed academic qualification and credit earned based on the recognition of prior learning and experimental experience and not based on book work alone. Most inventions we enjoy today were not  studied in the classroom. It is from the inventions of those individuals with Primary Six Certificate and ordinary lab technician, we put  in writing and then become a classroom work for us  to earn Certificate, Diploma and Degree.  Now the question is  'The Inventor and the student in the Classroom, who is to be awarded Degree first?. Google UNESCO recognition of prior learning   experience and search results of other websites and including European-Amercan University website for more details.


Friday, 29 November 2019


Based on the Nigerian perspective, It is very necessary to acknowledge the fact that foreign universities graduates from all over the world do visit the office of the NYSC on a regular basis for the NYSC Certificate award request with regards to Bachelor Degree award, while most employers in the government offices and parastatals are not familiar with the names of those foreign universities and legal status.
Consequently, it requires the recommendation of the NYSC officials through the issuance of the NYSC Certificate for a proof that the foreign university is recognized by them after they had   verified its legal status and recognition in the country of origin in collaboration with the respective embassy officials and based on UNESCO rules which the NYSC officials would use as a guide to award her Certificate. 
Based on this development, all the affiliate campuses of the European-American University make it mandatory that all graduates with Bachelor Degree possess the NYSC LETTER OF EXCLUSION available only for part-time graduates after graduation according to NYSC new rules.
   Both universities started awarding degrees to Nigerians since in 2009 and in 2018, the names of both universities were not included in the comprehensive list oF universities and affiliated campuses across the nation awarding illegal degrees to Nigerian graduates as published by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) based on the fact that those listed institutions were awarding degrees to graduates as locally printed out in Nigeria without being licensed and approved by NUC and without the consent of the foreign university they represent. (See list of illegal universities online)
  Names of graduates of both universities are published online on both websites for reference purposes under the heading “Register of Graduates” as all her degrees are printed in the Country of origin and not in Nigeria and in conformity with UNESCO rules.

Nigeria Universities Commission Approval (Nuc)


Based on UNESCO rules, any tertiary institution could be affiliated to any institution in any part of the world without restriction provided the tertiary institution awarding the degree had been licensed and approved by the government in the country of origin irrespective of the curriculum used. Based on the fact that the advanced countries are the topmost beneficiaries of educational export to the rest of the world  in terms of foreign exchange earnings and being the pioneers of  UNESCO. 

  Consequently, in Nigeria, there are no prior approval guidelines (in the case of NUC approval) involving foreign university affiliation with any Nigerian institution or firm based on UNESCO rules and same apply in any advanced country  and all over the world as member nation of UNESCO.  However, each member nation of UNESCO may have rules guiding indigenous university and local institution or firm for affiliation.  Evidently, list of all affiliations with Nigerian universities are published online without involving any foreign institution affiliation (See Nigerian universities  and affiliations full list online)


Tuesday, 15 October 2019


In the European Union, the United States and other parts of the world, is an established fact that when a tertiary institution or professional organization is granted “Chartered” status she automatically becomes self-accrediting and independent. Consequently, she is at liberty from government accreditation stringent policy and  rules unlike other tertiary institutions and professional organizations as  such institution or professional organization  incorporates to operate under the terms and condition of the charter as an independent entity  like a Limited Liability Company or Corporation be it a “Legislative” or “Royal” Charter.


Under the Legislative or Parliamentary Charter, a tertiary institution or professional organization  would be granted “Chartered” status by the national legislative arm of the government known in Nigeria as the National Assembly or House of Parliament (in cases of Parliamentary system of government like in Great Britain, Uganda, Israel and other parts of the world). Consequently, we have several “Chartered” organizations in Nigeria such as Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Nigeria Institute of Management and several others and likewise  applicable in other parts of the world. Evidently, Clifford University – Owerrenta in Abia State is one of such Chartered institutions in Nigeria. 

The Chartered institution would pay the required termly dues (in every three years or more) into the government treasury and not based on termly accreditation and performance assessment unlike other none chartered tertiary institutions and professional organizations whose performance are assessed on termly basis based on the fact that the chartered institutions or professional organizations are independent entity like Limited Liability Company or Corporation and based on the fact that government policy on termly accreditation and assessment of the institution can change at any time through different administration of governance in this era of democracy quite unlike the legislative or royal chartered institutions. 

Consequently in Nigeria, most private universities are operating under the legislative charter instead which may not be seen as government accredited because most people are only familiar with government accreditation and not legislative or Royal Charter.

                                  ROYAL CHARTER

Like the Legislative Charter, the Monarch of a kingdom receives the termly dues from the chartered university officials and pays part of it into the government treasury that grant the Monarch the autonomy based on the approval of the House of Parliament or Legislature. 
It is a common known fact that the Monarch is the king of a kingdom within a country whose kingdom becomes a subnational government with an autonomy granted by the national legislative body being an integral part of the country and not as an independent nation or state like Lesotho in South Africa whose autonomy was granted to her by the defunct apartheid regime being a Parliamentary government prior to her democratic era.   

Consequently, the terms and conditions of the autonomy granted to her by her national legislature must also include her educational policy which must be in conformity with the national educational policy or similarly in case of foreign university affiliation in conformity with UNESCO rules.
Evidently, in the United Kingdom, most of her universities were granted either Parliamentary or Royal Charter like the University of London and several others including several advanced countries and across the globe.
Based on this development, in conformity with UNESCO rules, the European-American University dealing exclusively on secular courses (as a subsidiary of the Western Orthodox University), was granted  Royal Charter in 2012  by the Monarch  in Uganda who was granted autonomy by the House of Parliament as a sub national government of Uganda like  Lesotho of South Africa  in order to award degrees exclusively on secular courses to prospective students within the African countries at an affordable cost which would be higher if she uses the Parliamentary  or Royal Charter from any of the advanced countries with higher tax rates.
Based on the fact that the Monarch was granted the autonomy by the legislative arms of the Government of Uganda, the University degree awarded under the Royal Charter is recognized all over the world based on UNESCO rules like the Queen of England whose universities degrees awarded within her kingdom under the Royal Charter are recognized all over the world (as it is applicable in other parts of the world) whose universities operate as an independent entity under the Royal Charter as a sub national government of Great Britain to whom was granted  autonomy by the British House of  Parliament.

Based on the independent nature of “chartered” institution, the phrase “…accredited by...” (NUC or any other government accrediting agency) is no longer applicable to most private institutions after the charter had been granted by the legislature in collaboration with an accrediting agency. In most cases, only government owned institutions are synonymous with the phrase “accredited by….” which serve as an identity for government recognized institutions unlike the private institutions in order to minimize the high cost of termly accreditation and stringent rules and regulations whose cost of assessment and termly due is not subsidized by the government quite unlike government owned institutions.  
Consequently, some people that are ignorant of chartered institutions rules and regulation would speculate that the institution is neither accredited nor recognized by government because it is no longer using the phrase “accredited by NUC” in case of Nigerian institutions.

However, it will interest you to know that there is no internationally acceptable standard for accreditation. Each country has its own standard for accreditation and varies from one State to another or from one Province to another in the same country based on the legislation of individual country. According to UNESCO rules, a degree from any country would be recognized in any part of the world irrespective of the standard of accreditation and curriculum used provided, the institution had been licensed and approved by the government in the country of origin to award degrees without discriminating against the type of government that rules be it Presidential, parliamentary or Monarch.    

Based on this development, both the Western Orthodox University and European-American University being her legal subsidiary, no longer associate with any national and international accrediting agency of any government either State or Federal and even in the Commonwealth of Dominica and Uganda based on the Royal Charter as it applies to other chartered institutions all over the world being legally an autonomous and independent institution having been incorporated under the charter.

How Educational Institutions Can Eradicate Corruption

  The Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old will not depart from it" (Prob. 22:6) The  statemen...